Franck Noto (Zest)

Franck Noto, better known by his pseudonym Zest, is a French artist born in Montpellier. Growing up in an environment that valued painting, Noto developed a keen interest in graffiti and tags at a young age, discovering the art form in 1995 when he was barely fifteen years old. His early passion for graffiti has evolved into a distinct style of abstract painting that remains deeply rooted in urban art.

Zest defies traditional graffiti codes, breaking free from established conventions and rules. His work combines a variety of styles and techniques, incorporating brushes, spray cans, markers, and rollers. Color is the essence of his art, and gesture is his driving force. Zest is an advocate for a form of painting that freely navigates the expansive and intricate paths of abstraction. Rejecting any notion of aesthetic stagnation, he meticulously synthesizes his diverse influences to create a style that is both unique and identifiable.

Zest’s experimental nature and affinity for abstraction are evident in the precision of his work. His compositions revolve around gesture, a contemporary echo of the wild-style graffiti that undoubtedly influenced him. Bold, assured strokes intersect with paint splatters, adding dynamic layers to rigorously applied surfaces.

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