Jana & JS

Jana & JS are an Austrian and French street art duo who create stunning murals using stencil and spray paint techniques. Their work often features images of people, particularly women, with a focus on their faces and emotions. They are known for their use of color, and their ability to capture the essence of a person in their art.

Jana & JS’s style is influenced by their travels and the people they meet along the way. They often incorporate elements of the places they visit into their work, including local architecture and cultural traditions. They also draw inspiration from their own personal experiences and relationships, and their art reflects a deep emotional connection to the world around them.

The duo’s use of stencil and spray paint techniques allows them to create intricate, detailed images that are both realistic and dreamlike. Their work often incorporates layers of color and texture, creating a sense of depth and movement. They also frequently use negative space to create contrast and emphasize certain elements of their pieces.

Jana & JS have exhibited their work in galleries around the world, including Paris, Berlin, and New York. Their street art can be found in cities throughout Europe, as well as in the United States and Australia. They have also collaborated with a number of other artists and organizations, including the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Strasbourg and the Urban Forms Foundation in Poland.

Overall, Jana & JS’s work is characterized by its emotional depth, intricate detail, and unique blend of street art and traditional painting techniques. Their ability to capture the essence of a person or place in their art has made them one of the most respected and influential street art duos working today.

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