Guillaume Lemarquier, better known as Mist, was born in Paris in 1972 and is a prominent street artist, specializing in graffiti art. He discovered the art form in 1988 and quickly became known as one of the most talented and respected graffiti artists in Paris, known for his exceptional “wild style” lettering, which has had a significant influence on European street art culture.

Mist’s collaborations with other prominent artists like Tilt, Steph Cop, T. Kid, and Bando have helped him gain international recognition. He is also one of the pioneers of designer toys, creating small vinyl sculptures that have become incredibly popular.

Mist has been able to evolve his artistic style over time, moving away from the construction lines of his letters and their contours and towards abstraction. He has spent over 10 years perfecting this style in the studio, producing abstract, dynamic, and spontaneous compositions that still reflect his urban roots. The patina of his backgrounds still bears the marks of the abandoned walls that he knows so well.

Mist’s art offers an opportunity to explore a hypnotic and abstract world that blends contemporary and urban art, offering a unique perspective that has made him one of the most influential street artists of his generation.

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