Jules Dedet Granel, known as L’Atlas, is a French street artist born in 1978. His art reflects the Asian philosophy of duality as a source of complementarity, and there is always a dichotomy between black and white in his works.

L’Atlas’s interest in calligraphy led him to study it in various countries and cultures. He creates his own original typographies and aims to create a universal pictorial language that balances form and letter, act and intention. His works play with infinite variations and are influenced by optical art, as well as various movements of abstract and geometric art.

In the 1990s, L’Atlas was known for his radical actions in the public space, which included graffiti. Since the 2000s, he has developed studio work and exhibited his works in contemporary urban art galleries. He continually searches for and renews his approach and expression of the letter and line, pushing his work towards abstraction and minimalism. He considers all forms as letters and vice versa, which has led him to work with urban planners to give a three-dimensional aspect to his art and reimagine public spaces in a new way.

L’Atlas is a major figure in the international street art scene. He is renowned for his painted facades and monumental performances on historical sites such as the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Place du Capitole in Toulouse. He has collaborated with major brands such as Perrier and Agn├Ęs b, and his artworks have been exhibited in museums and institutions like the George Pompidou Center, the Palais de Tokyo, and the Grand Palais.

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